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Agnes Heller (b. 1929) was one of the world’s foremost Marxist philosophers, before moving to a liberal, social-democratic position later in her career. In addition to political and social thought, she also concentrates on Hegelian philosophy, ethics, and existentialism.

Born in Budapest, Heller left Hungary for Australia in 1977, before taking up ten years later a position in the New School for Social Research in New York City, where she currently holds the position of Hannah Arendt Professor of Philosophy in the Graduate Studies Program.

Prof. Heller is the author of over 40 books, including most recently Immortal Comedy: The Comic Phenomenon in Art, Literature, and Life (2005), The Time is Out of Joint: Shakespeare as Philosopher of History (2002), A Theory of Modernity (1999), The Concept of the Beautiful (1999), An Ethics of Personality (1996) and A Philosophy of History in Fragments (1993).

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