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Prof. emer. Peter Burke (b. 1937) is a British historian. Educated by the Jesuits and at Oxford (St John’s and St Antony’s), Burke taught in the School of European Studies, University of Sussex from 1962 to 1979 as Assistant Lecturer and Lecturer in History and as Reader in Intellectual History. He moved to Cambridge to become a Lecturer in History and subsequently Reader in and then Professor of Cultural History. His main interest has always been in cultural history beginning in the 1960s with the Italian Renaissance turning in the 1970s to the study of popular culture, in the 1980s to historical anthropology, in the 1990s to the history of language and the public image of Louis XIV, and most recently to Brazilian culture in the twentieth century.

Among his most important works are: The Italian Renaissance (1972), Popular Culture in Early Modern Europe (1978), History and Social Theory (1991), Varieties of cultural history (1997), The Fabrication of Louis XIV (1992), The Art of Conversation (1993), A Social History of Knowledge (2000), The European Renaissance: Centres and Peripheries (1998), Eyewitnessing (2000), What is Cultural History? (2004), Languages and Communities in Early Modern Europe (2004), Gilberto Freyre: Social Theory in the Tropics (2008, with Maria Lucia G. Pallares-Burke).

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