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Bruce Knauft is a S. C. Dobbs Professor of Anthropology and Executive Director of Institute of Critical International Studies at Emory University. As a cultural anthropologist he has worked extensively with Gebusi people of Papua New Guinea. In addition to Melanesia, he also has scholarly interest in West Africa and South Asia as well as other world areas.

Professor Knauft's research combines politico-economic and cultural analysis across different world areas. He is particularly interested in issues of collective and individual subjectivity in relation to structures of social inequality and political domination or disempowerment, both historically and in the present. His current work includes consideration of comparative imperialism, neo-imperialism, and the contemporary cultural, political, and economic status of the U.S. vis-à-vis other nations and world areas. Dr. Knauft's publications have addressed issues of modernity and marginality, social and critical theory, politics and violence; and gender and sexuality. He has published and edited several books that include: The Gebusi: Lives Transformed in a Rainforest World (2005); Critically Modern: Alternatives, Alterities, Anthropologies (2002); Exchanging the Past (2002); and Genealogies for the Present in Cultural Anthropology (1996).

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