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Prof. emer. Maurice Bloch (b. 1939) was born in and went to school in France but he was taught within the British Anthropological tradition. He was trained first at the London School of Economics and then at Cambridge University. He has carried out fieldwork mainly in Madagascar, but also in other parts of the world including Japan. Partly because of his French background he has combined British and French approaches and was instrumental in introducing the revival in French Marxist theory to British anthropologists. His main interests have moved from his early works on political anthropology, with special focus on power, ideology and ritual to cognitive anthropology. Maurice Bloch retired recently from his professorship at London School of Economics but he continues giving special courses and lecturing in different countries.

His main publications include Marxist Analyses in Social Anthropology (1975), Ritual, history, and power: Selected papers in anthropology (1989), Prey into hunter: The politics of religious experience (1992), How we think they think: Anthropological approaches to cognition, memory, literacy (1998); Essays on cultural transmission (2005), L’anthropologie cognitive à l'épreuve du terrain (2006).

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