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Dr. Tuomas M. S. Lehtonen (born 1960) is one of the leading medievalists in Finland. He is director of Finnish Literature Society and Docent for European History at the University of Helsinki. He got his PhD on a dissertation on twelfth-century Latin satirical poetry. His main field of research is the cultural history of medieval Europe, most recently the relations between oral and written culture in the Middle Ages. His major publications include: Fortuna, Money and the Sublunar World. Twelfth-century Ethical Poetics and the Satirical Poetry of the Carmina Burana (1995), Historia. The Concept and Genres in the Middle Ages (2000, ed. with Päivi Mehtonen), Hopeamarkkojen evankeliumi: kirjoituksia sydänkeskiajan kulttuurihistoriasta (2000); Medieval History Writing and Crusading Ideology (2005, ed. with Kurt Villads Jensen).

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