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Tatsuya Sato is a professor of psychology at the Department of Psychology, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan.

He is a founding editor of the Qualitative Research in Psychology (in Japanese, since 2000) and he actively involved in Japanese Association of Qualitative Psychology. He is also on the editorial board of History of Psychology and Psychology Studies (in Japanese), Japanese Journal of Law and Psychology (in Japanese) and The International Journal of Idiographic Science. In 1999 he was awarded the “Best Article Prize” of Japanese Association of Developmental Psychology.

Dr. Sato's general interests are in the history, theory and methodology of psychology, also having interest in social and cultural aspects of human development. His specific research topics include: acceptance and development of psychology in Japan; developing a new methodology of cultural psychology, Trajectory and Equifinality Model, with Dr. Valsiner of Clark University in USA, TEM maps the individual histories of particular systems onto the wider general system of possible trajectories of arrival at the equifinality point; Inter-cultural study on pocket money of Children in East-Asia with Dr. Wo of Beijing Normal University in China and Prof Kim of Daejin University in South Korea and many Asian scholars; Forensic Psychology such as a false eyewitness testimony. Nowadays he has also taken interest in the history of psychology in wartime Japan and the ethnography of patients having chronic diseases.

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