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Tallinn Virtual University

Tallinn University is an open centre of intellectual life, and we believe that the discussions and dialogues held within its walls may be of interest also for the society at large and should therefore reach beyond the usual borders of the academic environment. This way they can help every person regardless of their age and profession to think more clearly about the problems of the past as well as the present world.

On this page you can access webcasts and podcasts of lectures, seminars, conversations with the guests of the university, summer schools, conferences and so on. You can watch these materials online or download them to your computer. The files are in the original language without subtitles or translation, accompanied by brief information about the speakers.

We hope that the Tallinn Virtual University will become an inspiring environment for our students and faculty as well as anyone interested in the whole world. But although we try to update the contents of the page as frequently as possible, it is still inevitable that they will be limited to but a little part of what is happening at the real Tallinn University all the time.